Provider of Trauma, Death and Crime Scene Decontamination, Hoarding Cleanup and Sanitation and Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation Services in all of Alberta.

Specializing in the cleaning of trauma & crime & bio hazardous incidents. We understand that our particular service is usually attained under unfortunate and tragic circumstances. With this in mind, we provide the highest level of prompt, professional, and courteous service to all our clients.

Reliable Cleanup & Decontamination Solutions

For Trauma Scene Bio Services Inc., sanitation is not just a trade, but a way of life. We have built a strong reputation on reliable cleanup and decontamination solutions through extensive training, proper equipment and comprehensive cleanup solutions in all of Alberta. Whether it is cleaning up death scenes, de-cluttering extreme cases of hoarding, remediating resident drug labs or any bio hazardous incident, we have handled them all with utmost professionalism to produce results each client can appreciate and we, as team, can truly be proud of.

Our Mission

To provide specialized services for all types of trauma, distressed property, and bio-hazard scenes in a respectful, non-intrusive, compassionate manner while safeguarding privacy, valuables and personal dignity. Within this scope, we are dedicated to working with law enforcement, public service agencies, property owners/managers, and families.

Making our Communities Better

Serving communities, as well as police, fire, and emergency services personnel, Trauma Scene Bio Services Inc. adheres to and abides by all provincial laws and regulations in the handling and disposal of bio-hazardous waste and infectious agents. We leave nothing behind. Whether it involves unknown substances that result from a lifetime of hoarding, construction debris, or bio-hazards, all waste is effectively removed from the scene and disposed of at an approved facility.

A Wide Range of Expertise

Our expertise in crime, accident, or death scene cleanups includes specialized handling of bio-hazardous materials that no ordinary cleaning service or janitorial staff can safely provide. We are fully licensed, bondable, and insured with round-the-clock accessibility through our 24-hour emergency response. Our sanitation and decontamination experts have a thorough understanding of every matter and substance that your household or community could be exposed to and will ensure every appropriate measure is taken to safeguard your environment.