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Could Yellow Fever Virus Cause a Zika-like Epidemic in the Americas

Yellow fever virus (YFV), a close relative of Zika virus and transmitted by the same type of mosquito, is the cause of an often-fatal viral hemorrhagic fever and could spread via air travel from endemic areas in Africa to cause … Continue reading

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Public Health Officials Investigating Unique Case of Zika in Utah

Utah health officials confirmed today a new case of Zika in Utah and have launched an investigation to determine how the person became infected. The new case is a family contact who helped care for the individual who died from … Continue reading

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Discovery of a New Defense System Against Microbial Pathogens

Antibodies play an important role in host defense against microbial pathogens. However, microbial pathogens seem to have acquired a protease that destroys antibodies in order to evade host immune system. On the other hand, the host immune system appears to … Continue reading

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Staph Risk Runs in Families, Especially Among Siblings

Having a first-degree relative, especially a sibling, with a history of staph infection significantly increases a person’s risk for the disease, regardless of sex of the family member, co-morbid conditions, or direct contamination. The results of a large national study … Continue reading

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