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Yellow Fever Epidemic Threatens to Spread from Angola to China

This map shows the distribution of Aedes aegypti across Africa and the Asia-Pacific region (areas shaded pink). The red outline delineates yellow fever-endemic regions. Yellow dots represent the location of yellow fever cases related to the Angolan outbreak (source: HealthMap). … Continue reading

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Identification of Receptors in Patients That Spontaneously Control HIV Infection

A small number of patients infected by HIV spontaneously control viral replication without antiretroviral therapy and do not develop the disease. The ability of these rare patients, known as “HIV controllers”, to suppress HIV replication appears to be down to … Continue reading

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Crisis over syphilis treatment as Canada running out of drug used to treat potentially deadly infection

With syphilis spreading in Canada at rates unseen in decades, doctors are struggling to cope with a shortage of the main drug used to treat the potentially deadly infection. The Public Health Agency of Canada took the rare step recently … Continue reading

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